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The cooperative Etnalcantara is based in Castiglione di Sicilia (Catania), one of the twenty municipalities in the district of Etna Natural Park. It was established in 2003 by the efforts of the five founding members born in the Mount Etna’s area and passionate about mountaineering. Motivated by the belief that tourism not only spreads our culture, but fosters  respect for the environment, we have succeeded (by hard work) to transform our love for our volcano into a vocation. 

Our company is a young and innovative one, but one founded on tradition and ancient knowledge.


Our goals are:

• To promote awareness of the highest active volcano in Europe and its surroundings, an area rich in history and culture.


• To select a number of routes off the beaten track of mass tourism and create a unique tour.


• To meet all expectations (both naturalistic and cultural) of the tourists who choose Sicily as a destination for their holidays.


• To create a responsible, sustainable, non-invasive tourism with a full respect of the territory.


• To share with the visitors the pleasure of knowing and discovering real places and remote areas where traditions and different cultural heritages remain unchanged.


Our passion for nature and our bond to this territory are at the foundation of all of our excursions.


Etnalcantara is synonymous with fun and adventurous vacations in Sicily.

Our experience in this area and the passion for the environment (and in particular for our area) combined with a careful and meticulous  planning  logistics, enable us to offer you guides for unforgettable excursions to discover Mount Etna, on scenic dirt roads, ancient and recent lava streams, rock quarries, single tracks, fun crossings, dust, sand, mud, and scenic views among substrates of black basalt lava.


You can choose between various routes punctuated by stops to enjoy food, wine and culture in the land between mountain and sea in the enchanting region of ​​eastern Sicily.

Etnalcantara is the way to experience the colors of the seasons, the ancient medieval towns, the culture, the traditions, the smells, the tastes and sounds of an area not affected by mass tourism, where you can still stop to enjoy silence.

With us you create lasting memories in ancient Sicily.

Our Office


Etnalcantara is operated from office in Sicily. We have a fully registered company in our country and follow all regulations set forth by government. See our office hours and contact information here

Castiglione di Sicilia

SICILY Head office


Piazza XI Febbraio, 13
95012 Castiglione di Sicilia

Tel: +39 3332981651

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Tel: +39 3924974313

ETNALCANTARA Soc. Coop.P.zza XI Febbraio, N°13 -  95012 Castiglione di Sicilia (CT) P.IVA e Cod. Fisc. 04185420876 email: